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Vol 6 No2  31 August 2017

· Paper
Keywords :  Science and technology policy, science and technology policy basic plan, language network, policy trend
Author(s) :  Yun Jong Kim,  Dae-hyun Jeong,  Hyunchul Oh
Keywords :  Industrial technological characteristics, industrial innovation strategy, source of innovation, patent application
Author(s) :  Gyuhee Hwang,  Ho-jin Kim,  Soo-yeon Jeon
Keywords :  Basic Research, scientific values, openness, sustainability, autonomy, South Korea
Author(s) :  Ki-Seok Kwon,  So-Yeon Park,  Duckhee Jang
Keywords :  Inclusive innovation, inclusive growth, grass roots innovation, Barefoot College, demystifying technology, White Revolution
Author(s) :  Venni V Krishna
Keywords :  Information service image, customer value, satisfaction, information user skill
Author(s) :  Lee Sun Young,  Sanghyuk Suh
Keywords :  Performance measurement, technology valuation method, scoring system of assessment, performance index, value driver
Author(s) :  Jung-Min Park,  Seong-Il Lim,  Sung-Soo Seol
Keywords :  Technology valuation, real options method, black-scholes model, volatility, propriety of technology investment
Author(s) :  Tae-Eung Sung,  Hyun-Woo Park