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Vol 7 No2  31 August 2018

· Paper
Keywords :  Analytical framework, technological innovation, innovation systems, entrepreneurial innovation system, nuclear power generation
Author(s) :  Tae Joon Lee,  Young-Joon Lee
Keywords :  4P analysis (patent, paper, product, project), strategic research planning, government, funded research institute
Author(s) :  Hochull Choe,  Kyungsun Choi,  Youngjoo Ko
Keywords :  Mobile learning, self-directed learning, training design, effective organisational learning, trainee characteristics, work environment, training transfer, learning organisation
Author(s) :  Sua Wui Chee,  Chong Aik Lee,  Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi
Keywords :  Mobile marketing, mobile marketing product and service, technology acceptance model, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived cost, perceived trust, personal innovativeness, consumer intentions
Author(s) :  Sua Wui Chee,  Woo Kuan Yee,  Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi
Keywords :  Government-supported university programs, higher education, university restructuring, general university funding
Author(s) :  Ki-Seok Kwon,  Seung-Hwan Han,  Somin Kim,  Ilwon Seo
Keywords :  Science and technology policy, S&T policy studies, paradigm, role, knowledge structure
Author(s) :  EunMi Kim,  Chan-Goo Yi,  Ki-Seok Kwon,  HyounJeong Oh,  Seohwa Jeong