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Vol 6 No1  30 April 2017

· Paper
Keywords :  Inclusive innovation, inclusive growth, contemporary landscape, grass roots innovation, organizational innovation, Barefoot College, demystifying technology, White Revolution
Author(s) :  Venni V Krishna
Keywords :  Technology commercialization, success factors of commercialization, barriers to commercialization, public research organizations
Author(s) :  Yong-Jeong Kim,  Seowon Joseph Shin
Keywords :  SME, GRI, open innovation, R&D commercialization, technology transfer
Author(s) :  Minkyoung Song,  Ji-One Park,  Beom Soo Park
Keywords :  Agriculture technology innovations, business model, haor, coastal belt, Bangladesh
Author(s) :  Ikhtiar Mohammad,  Mohammad Abdul Malek
Keywords :  Collaborative research, scientific network, social network analysis, Korea citation index, South Korea
Author(s) :  Ki-Seok Kwon,  Jin-Guk Kim
Keywords :  Knowledge capital, social infrastructure, economic growth, spillover effect, panel analysis
Author(s) :  Dong-Geon Lim,  Jin Hwa Jung