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Vol 7 No3  31 December 2018

· Paper
Keywords :  Principles, methodologies, STI strategy development, benchmarking Korean experience, planning partnerships
Author(s) :  Jeong Hyop Lee
Keywords :  National research and development projects, technology development, technology transfer and commercialization, convergence, technology readiness levels
Author(s) :  Seunghee Baek,  Sungup Hwang,  Young Il Park
Keywords :  Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Tech Start-Ups, India and Japan
Author(s) :  Takao Fujiwara,  Bala Subrahmanya M H
Keywords :  Network cooperation, economic performance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), internationalization, innovation
Author(s) :  Rashmeet Singh,  Bala Subrahmanya M H
Keywords :  Incubators, start-ups, institution, IIT, Chennai, India
Author(s) :  Bala Subrahmanya M H,  Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy
Keywords :  High-tech policy, entrepreneurial ecosystem, India, China
Author(s) :  H S Krishna
Keywords :  Venture capital, exits, agency risks, India, social capital, syndication, domain specialization
Author(s) :  Kshitija Joshi,  Deepak Chandrashekar
Keywords :  Start-up firm, R&D management, innovation ecosystem, venture finance, university and industry collaboration, intellectual property
Author(s) :  Shintaro Sengoku,  Yoji Nakajima,  Shuto Miyashita
Keywords :  Real options approach, seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average, soft drink, uncertain demand
Author(s) :  Katsunori Kume,  Takao Fujiwara
Keywords :  Patent infringement, literal infringement, the doctrine of equivalents, indirect infringement, subjective indirect infringement, objective indirect infringement
Author(s) :  Wanli Cai
Keywords :  Biotech start, ups, valley, of, death, R&D sustainability, Bayesian MCMC, financial crisis
Author(s) :  Takao Fujiwara